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"Shohin" Juniper Bonsai Tree

"Shohin" Juniper Bonsai Tree


"Shohin" literally means a 'small thing' in Japanese. So a Shohin Bonsai, is a smaller version of a regular sized Bonsai. It's the perfect desk companion and decorative element to any office or living space. 


This little guy is made of real Japanese driftwood, paper foliage and black rock sand to emilate dirt. He stands 3-4" tall and about 5" wide. His bowl is made of acacia wood and is about 2.5" in diameter. 


If you enjoy this little tree, but would like a larger size, plesae check out other Bonsai trees available on my site, or contact me for custom work. 


All products created are sprayed with a UV and water resistant spray. It is not recommended to keep objects in direct sun for long periods of time, however, it is protected and shouldn't hurt the vibrant colors used. 

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