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Romantic Garden Blooms Display

Romantic Garden Blooms Display


This extraordinary display is grand in its presence, not only in the vibrant, rich colors, but the mix of 'freshly picked' garden flowers arranged. Bright, Burgundy Peonies are partnered with David Austin Pink-Peachy Toned Garden Roses, alongside Precious Pink Ranunculuses and Delicate White Garden Peonies. The combination of various greenery of both vibrant green Myrtle accents, Italian Ruscus and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Leaves gives this display the exceptional attention to detail it deserves. 


This bouquet was originally created as an anniversary gift to symbolize devoted love, and it was a great pleasure to create. It would serve as a perfect gift for your loved one, for any occasion, and is a lasting, meaningful expression of your love. 


Entire bouquet Height: 20-22" in height, 14-16" in width. Vase is 10"h x 5"w and is filled with hand rolled clay stems and resin as a faux water look. 


This bouquet may be able to be created in smaller versions. Please contact me at, for possibilites in size change and quotes associated with options.


All displays are UV and water resistant and is easily cleaned with a feather duster. If more dust appears than normal, compressed air or Keyboard Duster, can be used sparingly to clean the flowers. 

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