Perfect Pom Pom Peony

Perfect Pom Pom Peony


Need the perfect Mother's Day gift? Or do you have a loved one that absolutely loves peonies? No matter the reason, peonies stand for honor, beauty and good fortune. A meaningful gift always sets the tone for that special occasion for that special someone. 


This is the perfect sized gift because it's not so big, or too small, and with 8 color choices, you can't go wrong with choosing just the right color. (The most popular color choices are Deep Burgundy and Rose Quartz) 


The Peony Bloom is 4-5" round and the vase is 4" tall x 2.5" in width, filled with resin and a real oak branch twig serving as a 'stem'. The entire display is 8-9" tall.  


Every creation of mine is created with a UV and water resistant spray protecting the surface of each flower and leaf. However, it is still recommended to keep the plant away from direct sunlight or near an area that is overly humid all of the time. 


Please check the FAQ section for more details on how to care for your paper plant!