Magnolia + Maple Ikebana Display

Magnolia + Maple Ikebana Display


Discover the magic behind Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, with this unique floral display. An Ikebana arrangement is based on the different natural elements. In this display, I was inspired by wind and earth combined. The organic nature of the Japnanese maple branches allowed me to symbolize the wind, and the magnolias were inspiration to me as earth and light.


Planted in a hand-carved/polished wooden vase and filled with big and beautifully colored earth-toned river rocks, this is quite a display that will attract attention. 


This is a display that is meant for a larger area and environment. It is 30" in height and 26-28" in width. The vase stands 8.5" tall. 


Every creation of mine is created with a UV and water resistant spray protecting the surface of each flower and leaf. However, it is still not recommended to keep the plant in direct sunlight or near an area that is overly humid all of the time. 


Please check the FAQ section for more details on how to care for your paper plant!