Large Geo Terrarium | Jade + Purple Echevaria

Large Geo Terrarium | Jade + Purple Echevaria


This Geo Terarrium has a side view window of all the little lovely plants that live inside of it. Rich + Royal Purples compliment Jade and Dark Green Echevaria Succulents that are accented with tiny vivd gree Sedum plants. 


This would be a wonderful display for a large bookcase, office desk or any place that deserves a little bit more life to it. 


Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 8". Glass and metal sealed edges. Side view window. 


Every creation of mine is created with a UV and water resistant spray protecting the surface of each flower and leaf. However, it is still recommended to keep the plant away from direct sunlight or near an area that is overly humid all of the time. 


Please check the FAQ section for more details on how to care for your paper plant!