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Chinese Elm Informal Upright Bonsai Tree

Chinese Elm Informal Upright Bonsai Tree


Looking for a way to have the decorative elements of a Bonsai, but don't have the time to tend to it? Neither do I. So I created the Bonsai Collection for a way to have the look, but no work involved. These make a great gift for anyone interested in this disciplined hobby. In Feng Shui, they symbolize peace, harmony and balance and bring prosperity into your home. 


This Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree is created using hand placed leaves of various sizes and is in the 'Informal Upright' style of sculpted Bonsai styles.  The trunk was created using a grafted driftwood base and placed in real soil complex, hardened with a resin base. A real Mica Bonsai pot is used and can be requested in any color. The tree roots and base are wrapped with hidden wire directly into the base for stability. 



Every creation of mine is created with a UV and water resistant spray protecting the surface of each flower and leaf. However, it is still recommended to keep the plant away from direct sunlight or near an area that is overly humid all of the time. 


Please check the FAQ section for more details on how to care for your paper plant! 

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