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Cascading Chinese Elm II Bonsai

Cascading Chinese Elm II Bonsai


Looking for that unique gift that makes a powerful statement? Choose a paper Bonsai.

It will never need the care and dedication of a real one, but always stay true to it's life like look! 


The Chinese Elm II Bonsai comes in three sizes. 

Small 8" x 6" x 4" 

Medium 12" x 9" x 6" 

Large at 18" x 12" x 10".


All sizes come with a mica pot, as shown above, or a glazed pot of your choice. Contact me for color choices available. 


The grafted driftwood tree base sits in a tiny stone complex of black rock granules mixed with resin to give off the appearance of soil, making the tree look even real. It also has quite the weight to it, considering this mixture. 


Every creation of mine is created with a UV and water resistant spray protecting the surface of each flower and leaf. However, it is still recommended to keep the plant away from direct sunlight or near an area that is overly humid all of the time. 


Please check the FAQ section for more details on how to care for your paper plant! 

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