"Build Your Own" Beautiful Peony Bouquet

"Build Your Own" Beautiful Peony Bouquet


With all of the DIY projects out there, people are starting to love the idea of creating their own designs. This is a special bouquet gift where you decide how many flowers, leaves and buds, and your loved one gets to create the arrangement! It's the best way to give a gift, becuase everyone gets to choose and make it custom. Choose from 4 different colors of full bloom peonies, blooming blossom, bud and leaf sprigs. Vase available upon request with orders over $300. (Smaller vases available upon request over $150) 


Image above shows: 4 Buds, 2 Blossoming Buds, 7 Full Peonies and 6 Leaf Sprigs. Grouped Quantities receive small discount. 


Choose from a grouping of floral parts below: 


One Peony- $30

One Blossoming Bloom- $20

One Bud- $15

One Leaf Sprig- $10 


Send me a special request message and I will put together a quote especially for you! If you are interested in purchasing the above, please click the 'add to cart' button. Flowers will be wrapped individually and shipped with or without the vase as per your request.