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Q: How do you clean terrariums or floral bouquets?

A: Using compressed air or 'Air Duster' can be used to removed dust from paper floral bouquets and gardens. 

Q: Can I place my paper plant or floral creation near the sun?

A: Each piece of art created is protected with a UV and water resistant spray. It is not recommended to be placed directly in the sun, but each piece can withstand filtered light and normal exposure over time. 

Q: What do I need to do if my piece arrives broken or damaged? 

A: Please contact me immediately and keep the packaging. I will need images of the packaging and the damaged piece. I will submit this to FedEx to obtain a claim for you. 

Q: If I am interested in having my wedding bouquet recreated, how long in advance do I need to make a request for it? 

A: Wedding bouquet recreations take 25-45 hours to create, depending on the amount of detail and the size. Please allow one month at the very minimum for completion. If you are looking for an anniversary gift and are cannot request that time, please contact me to see if you order is eligible for a quicker turn around. I am always willing to work with someone if I can make it happen. 


Q: Can I custom order a piece with a one or two day notice?

A: I would prefer to not receive orders with such a short notice, however, there are many things that can happen in our lives, that do not allow for us to plan ahead of time. If you are in a bind, and are requesting a piece for a meaningful event, please contact me to set up a special order. There may be a small surcharge added. 

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